Itchy, Itchy, Itchy

October 21, 2016

Do your eyes itch? Do you dig at the corner of your eyes all day long? Has it been getting worse over the last few months? You may be suffering from ocular allergies. Over 3 million people in the United States suffer from ocular allergies each fall and spring. Allergies affecting the eyes can cause them to itch, burn, and tear. The eyes may also appear red or swollen. Common causes of ocular allergies in the spring include pollen from grass or trees and mold. During the fall months, ragweed is the main culprit causing itchy eyes. Additionally, some individuals are allergic to pet dander or dust mites and can be affected by ocular allergies during the winter months. While many individuals have ocular allergies, no one should have to suffer through the effects. There are many drops, medications and treatments that eye doctors can prescribe and recommend in order to get rid of the redness, itchiness and discomfort. The eye doctors at Vision Center PC are experienced in treating ocular allergies, and can help you and your eyes feel and look comfortable again.