Your Dentist would approve of your Dry Eye Management!

April 18, 2019

Dry eye is a disease that is becoming more and more common. Our eyes have a normal tear layer that covers them. Every time we blink, new tears are spread across the front surface of our eyes. These tears keep our eyes feeling comfortable and keeps us seeing well. If these tears break down, dry out, or are a poor quality, then our eyes are not coated as well and problems arise. Our eyes can feel itchy, scratchy, burning, they can become irritated or even feel like there is something in the eye. Our vision can suffer as well. It can fluctuate and change over the course of the day or even in as little as a few minutes.

This condition is a serious one, but luckily there are many treatments and therapies that can be used to keep the eyes calm and seeing well.

But here’s the kicker….

These treatments and therapies must be completed, and must be completed often. You have to give your eyes consistent care, love and attention in order to keep them healthy and comfortable.

Think of managing your dry eye like caring for your teeth. Your dentist will recommend you brush your teeth twice daily, floss and use mouth wash to keep your pearly whites healthy! Your eyes need that same type of love and attention!

If you only brush your teeth once a month…. They may not look so great after a while (and your dentist will not be impressed). The same is true for your eyes! If your care for your dry eye once a month… They may not feel that great (and your eye doctor will not be impressed). The key to both is consistency. Giving consistent love and attention to your eyes will allow them to feel much, much better, and keep you seeing well!

And there is good news! Just like you have been able to get into a rhythm of caring for your teeth and now it’s easy; the same can happen with managing your dry eye. Once you form a habit of caring for your dry eye daily, it can become second nature and allow your eyes to be comfortable and healthy for years to come.

And that’s what we want right? Healthy, comfortable eyes that see clearly for your entire life.

Your dentist and eye doctor would approve!

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