Spending more time outdoors may be protective against myopia in Kids, Experts say.

February 21, 2019

Almost 10% of children, ages 5 to 17 years, have myopia (can’t see in the distance).  The numbers of US youngsters diagnosed with myopia are increasing.  Experts are unsure why more children are becoming nearsighted, but we know a number of genetic and environmental factors are at play.  Experts do agree, however, that “spending more time outdoors” may be protective against nearsightedness.  The more time a child spends staring at hand-held digital devices such as smart phones, I-pads or video games, it will increase their chance of becoming myopic.   Spending 2-4 hours each day outside helps offset this risk.  If a parent is nearsighted, there is a much greater chance of the children becoming myopic.  Although most parents do not want their children to end up with myopia, the positive side is that nearsighted children generally are able to read better which may help with their academics.   If you are concerned about your child’s eyes, please call our office to get the latest information on how to preserve their vision for life.

-Dr. Chris Scholz

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