Flex Spending

December 5, 2019

Use it or Lose it!

The year is coming to an end, and so are many individuals Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Saving Accounts (HSA). These accounts are set up by you and your employer as a way to help pay for medical expenses throughout the year.

However, the money in the account usually does not carry over to the next year, and most people still have funds left at the year’s end. So what can you do with this money that helps your health? Take care of your eyes of course!

Flexible Spending and Health Savings accounts can be used to pay for:

–              Prescription eyeglasses (including progressives!)

–              Prescription sunglasses

–              Prescription computer glasses

–              Contact lenses

–              Eye examinations

So stock up on contacts. Or treat yourself to a new pair of designer glasses. Haven’t had an eye exam in a while? Flex spending can help with that too! Don’t let your FSA/HSA dollars go to waste!

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