Eye Awareness all Year Long

April 6, 2019

Throughout the year there are notable month-long observations by different groups to raise awareness for an issue, group or event, or just to celebrate something. Examples include: February – Black History Month, June – National Safety Month, and April – National Volunteer Month.

But did you know that each month there is also a special eye health observance?!?

It’s true. Each month out of the year has a special observation of a topic that concerns our wonderful eyes! Take a look for yourself!

January – Glaucoma Awareness Month

February – Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month

March – Workplace Eye Wellness Month

April – Sports Eye Safety Month

May – Healthy Vision Month

June – Cataract Awareness Month & National Sunglasses Day (June27)

July – Ultra Violet Light Safety Month

August – Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

September – Healthy Aging Month

October – Halloween Eye Safety Month

November – National Diabetes Month & Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

December  – Eye Safe Toys and Celebrations Month

So as you can see, there is a lot of emphasis placed on the eyes throughout the entire year. Be sure to follow your eye doctors recommendations for how to keep your eyes healthy and seeing well!

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