Dry Eye and Sleep!?

April 23, 2019

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Dry eye is a condition that can cause eye discomfort and fluctuating vision. Individuals that suffer from dry eye can have eyes that burn, water, itch, feel gritty, sandy, rough, get red or irritated. Vision can also fluctuate throughout the day or even as quickly as in between when you blink.

A recent study looked to find any association between participants quality of sleep and the dryness of their eyes. The results of the 150 person study found that the quality of your sleep can play a significant role on the severity of dry eye. Individuals in the study that had poorer quality of sleep had worse dry eye!

If you are experiencing difficulty with sleep, be sure to let your family doctor know. And if you are experiencing irritated eyes or fluctuating vision, be sure to let your eye doctor know. We all want better sleep and comfier eyes!

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