Do you know which eye is Dominant?

February 6, 2019

Everyone is born with a dominant eye, just as you have a dominant hand.  Two-thirds of our population has the dominant eye on the same side as their dominant hand.  This is important to know, since the dominant eye can usually track faster, see better, and allows better eye-hand coordination.  This is important for hunters and athletes.  If you are in the minority and are cross dominant (left handed/right eye dominant or vice-versa), it can be a handicap for shooting or hunting, but a blessing for baseball or softball.   A cross-dominant athlete has their dominant eye closer to the pitcher when batting, where a person with same hand/same eye has to open up their stance more so the dominant eye can see the pitch.  If you or your children like to hunt, or play baseball/softball, make sure you ask your eye doctor which hand is dominant.  It can greatly improve your batting percentage and your skill in the field if you know from the start.

-Dr. Chris Scholz