Eye Exams at Vision Center, P.C.

Eye Exams at Vision Center, P.C.

Vision Center P.C., Iowa Eye Doctors, Glasses in Iowa, Eye Glasses in IowaIn keeping with our philosophy of comprehensive, quality eye care, Vision Center, P.C. provides patients with services including:

•   Diagnosis and treatment of conditions correctable with newly available High Definition Optics in glasses and contact lenses. We will measure your eyes with computerized automatic refractors and can even prescribe lenses for patients as young as one year of age. Our eye exam does not require that you have to read an alphabetized eye chart to gather our information, making it comfortable to examine infants, or those patients with a disability.

•   Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases including glaucoma, diabetes, pink eye, dry eyes, and macular degeneration. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and in many cases, can diagnose conditions of the eye before patients have symptoms.

We provide testing and treatment for amblyopia (lazy eye) and eyes that are not aligned. We have computerized equipment that can accurately track the child’s improvement in lazy eye, without having them read an eye chart. We also provide yearly diabetic eye examinations and digital imaging to more accurately track progression. We have the latest glaucoma diagnostic equipment available to our profession to accurately monitor any progression.

We provide surgical consultation from our visiting ophthalmologists of Eye Surgeons Associates, P.C. so you do not have to drive out of town. Our staff of visiting ophthalmologists includes Dr. Benevento who specializes in cataract surgery and Dr. Wagle who specializes in glaucoma surgery. We also provide LASIK consultation, and perform the pre-op and post-ops for your convenience. If you are concerned with droopy eyelids, or suspicions of skin cancer around the eye, we can determine if your condition needs further treatment or surgery.Eye exam in Iowa, Eye exams, Vision Center P.C., Eye doctor in Iowa, Optometry in Iowa, optometrist in Iowa

A thorough eye exam usually includes dilation on the first visit to open the pupil to adequately view the retina for any eye disease. We now have “mild” dilating drops with the symptoms cut in half of previous formulations. How often you will be dilated depends on the health of your eye and age. For those who have diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, or are taking high-risk medications such as plaquenil, we will dilate yearly. Your eye exam also includes binocular vision testing, refraction to determine your glasses prescription, a thorough slit lamp exam, and simply testing of the eye’s pressure without using any puff of air. Your optometrist will use this data to determine what treatment or prescription best fits your needs.